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RE: need help on translation

tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Fri Apr 12 00:20:40 2002

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RE: need help on translation

At 13:51 2002-04-11 -0500, Steven Boozer wrote:
>   chu''a' DIr 'In chu'bogh wo'rIv?
>   Is the drum Worf is playing new?.

I wonder if a question particle can be attached in a non-matrix clause, 
like so:
?{DIr 'InDaj chu''a' chu' wo'rIv?}
It's a very infrequently needed sort of construction, and very easy to miss 
when writing a grammar-sketch; but I have a dim memory that Quechua can do 
question-focus that way.  (The homophonous {chu'}s do make this hard to 
parse, of course, but I suppose the issue is still open on the construction 

As an aside:
Some would want "evidence" that one can have a -'a' on a non-matrix 
predicate.  I could alternately suggest a need for "evidence" of a 
constraint against -'a' occurring on non-matrix predicates.

It is useful to bear in mind that clearly not all Earth languages are as 
enfeebled as English or other Eurasian languages, which, like a broken 
clock, are predictably right, occasionally (in fact, about twice a day!).
And Klingon is better!  AND BIGGER!

Sean M. Burke

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