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Re: to' nech, 002: {QIt yIqeqlI', vaj nom yIHoH!}

tlhIngan-Hol Archive: Sun Apr 07 23:58:44 2002

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Re: to' nech, 002: {QIt yIqeqlI', vaj nom yIHoH!}

At 20:44 2002-04-07 -0400, wrote:
>Sean M. Burke wrote:
> >K: QIt yIqeqlI', 'ej nom yIHoH!
> >Gloss: Prepare slowly, then execute him quickly!
> >Eno/Schmidt: Slow preparation, fast execution
>I believe Eno and Schmidt meant "fast execution" in the sense of doing
>something (anything) quickly, not in the sense of killing someone quickly.

Ya don't say!

Sean M. Burke

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